Run 4 Larry

Charity Ride for Head and Neck Cancer

Head & Neck Cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers per capita in North America.

We want to help put an end to the suffering and drastic quality of life changes survivors of this horrendous killer are forced to live with.

Imagine not being able to eat or speak, experiencing new difficulties breathing, carrying expensive heavy machines everywhere you go.  These are only SOME of the encumbrances survivors live with.

We are doing a fundraising motorcycle run for research and education into this murderous condition, in the hopes of improving the outcomes and maybe having these people return to a normal life.

This run  will include FUN to the max!  3 Meals,  Music, Raffles, Poker Run, Door Prizes, Give Away, etc.

There 2 (everything is set up except someone to lead) separate runs starting at breakfast (London at Rocky's Harley Davidson [Hopefully, if we can get someone to lead the run in London] & Windsor at Thunder Road Harley Davidson), meeting (Chatham at Duke's Harley Davidson) for lunch (included free to all registered participants), and then continuing either to the individual origins or on to one of the other origins for dinner (finding your own way home from there).

Brian's towing is donating the use of one of their trucks and driver to help in the case of any (hopefully they just follow us around but let's keep everyone safe anyhow) breakdowns so everyone can participate in the entire run!

Participation in this charitable fundraising event cost is $35.00 for the motorcycle & rider, $30.00 per passenger.

Cagers (Cars) are welcome to participate following Brian's Towing for the safety of our riders.

July 3, 2016 Registration begins @ 7:00 AM Kickstands up @10:00 AM

This includes a complete registration package