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Charity Ride for Head and Neck Cancer



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We are pleased to announce we will be riding again this year.

Last year (even though we had to cancel the scheduled ride) we decided to modify the ride and make it a 2 day ride.  Saturday we will be riding to the reservation outside London for the Pow Wow again and Sunday we will participate in the ride to the North Wall with the Run 4 Larry continuing after the ceremonies complete.

More about this year's run later.


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We are having steak dinner included with breakfast and lunch to all registered participants.  How much better can it get?

We are ready and set to go, are you?

We have registration bags all ready with gifts, programs, tshirts, route directions and maps.  More door prizes than I can count.  Auction Items and the list goes on.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you there ready to ride!

We may even have some live entertainment if all goes well, but tell anyone it's a secret!

We have a place for lunch!

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Bob's Motorsport has stepped up to the plate.  Duke's Harley Davidson pulled the rug out from under us, so Bob's Motorsport laid a whole new floor for us.  They won't be able to open the store, but they are letting us use their lot for our lunch meeting.  That is all we wanted from Duke's Harley Davidson.

Let's make this even better.  Hudson's Motorcycle in Tilbury is letting us meet up there as well, so we can stop regroup amd then move on to Bob's Motorsport.  It is like someone tried to stop this and all that happened is it has gained momentum.

We are moving forward!


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We have breakfast food.  Hopefully we can come up with some eggs, toast and bacon too.  So far we have cereal, biscuits & gravy, tea, juice, etc.  We are trying toget Tim Hortons to donate coffee & donuts.  If anyone has suggestions we are open to listening and working on that too.

We have quite a bit of food for lunch but are hoping for more.  If we get enough we will provide dinner too.

Wouldn't that be great, all 3 meals for the day!  Let's hope so.

More on that as we get there.

We have an emergancy plan!

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WOW!  Brian's Towing of Windsor, Ontario is donating the use of one of their trucks and drivers in case someone breaks down on the road!

They will follow our ride immediately behind the bikes and if any of the bikes has an issue they will load it up on the truck and continue on the run so the rider doesn't miss out on any of the fun.

This is one of the BEST donations we have had so far and we want to thank Brian's for assisting us in this worthwhile effort!


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It is with much confusion and a heavy heart I am forced to announce that Dukes Harley Davidson has decided to remove its name from our list of donors.

In Sept. 2015 we contacted Dukes Harley Davidson (our FIRST contact on this venture) to enlist them as an initial donor to help in our cause.  We corressponded in person at Dukes Harley Davidson with Chris Hall, via telephone and email regarding our plans.  Chrs Hall willingly agreed with us, this venue would be beneficial  not only to our cause but it woud also benefit his business, to allow us to use his parking lot as the primary area for our event .  This would entail only the use of his parking lot as we have our own security, insurance, generators, grills, tables, seating, tents, PA System, etc.  We would bring 50 to 100 motorcyclist enthusiasts to his business location.  This would draw attention to his business by potential customers, showcasing them as charitable and amenable, to an untapped customer base,  whether they were open or not.

We felt Dukes Harley Davidson was an excellent location for our venue as it is centrally located between the two start points and was appropriate to the audience.  We asked only for the use of the parking lot, although Chrs Hall made offers of other assitance, which delighted us!

While the founders of Run 4 Larry were out of the area we were contacted by the Chatham Kent Police and informed there had been allegations of fraud made against us.  We have proven this is not case by openly providing email correspondence between ourselves and Dukes Harley Davidson as well as the letters of authorization from London Health Sciences and all relevant contact information detailing our committment to this cause.

Dukes Harley Davidson's only explanation for this decision, was they believed the date was Saturday July 2nd not Sunday July 3rd..

I am at a complete loss to explain the allegations and reasoning for a costly investigation both into our reputation and intentions for the Chatham Kent Police Deparmen,t as well as the stress and costs involved for us, if it is somehing as simple as a communication error or misunderstanding.

PLEASE, if you have any questions at any time regarding this underfunded worthwhile cause contact us IMMEDIATELY!  The costs involved in graphic redesign and printing are rapidly mounting and we are trying to keep the costs at a minimum to furter the donations available to London Health Sciences.


Helen K. Wolfe

 Bryan Halfday